Mazda 2 Billboard

Freeview Campaign – “Record”

This is the third installment of the 2012 Freeview campaign introducing their new EPG.

Gloria Jeans – Brand TVC

This tvc was created based on an idea the internal Gloria Jeans bods came up with.  It was a lot of fun to put together.  I’m not sure if it actually makes sense though.  All the extras were actually Gloria Jean’s people who came along to help on the day, and I was directing from a wheelchair as I had just buggered my knee skiing.  It must have been a funny sight to see me racing behind the cameraman attached by an electric lead in a home made metal wheelchair.  It was shot to play as part of Gloria Jean’s sponsorship of the amazing race.

Freeview Campaign – “Pause”

The second in the Freeview 2012 campaign featuring a husband and his talkative wife.

Freeview Campaign – “Navigation”

We needed to sell the virtues of Freeviews new EPG.  The idea for the campaign came from talking to Karen, our enthusiastic Freeview client, and hearing how she described the new system.  We then modelled the wife on her.

Freeview TVC

The 2011 Freeview campaign brief was “wow”.  We needed to create a visual spectacle that showed how everyone loved freeview.  The idea was more complex to begin with.  We ended up expanding one section to make the full spot.  My favourite shot is the one where we look down a line of people and it actually does look like they’ve pushed the wall in.  When I saw we got that shot, I knew this tvc was going to work really well.

Finish Quantum TVC for Masterchef

Using Masterchef winner Kate Bracks, we shot this tvc for Finish – they wanted a magic feel to match with the on-air positioning of Master chef series 4

Handee Ultra TVC with Matt Preston

This TVC was tailor made for Masterchef series 2.  The client wasn’t too keen on having Matt make the mess, however Matt Preston and myself thought it would be a hoot.  We had enough time at the end of the shoot day to throw in literally some messy food shots.  They really did make a mess – the spaghetti ended up all over the ceiling – we had to repaint, and the red wine hit the only part of the room NOT covered by plastic.  Thank goodness for lots of salt!  You’d never know to look at the white carpet that it had a glass of wine thrown at it.

Gloria Jeans – “Baristas with Talent” TVC

Gloria Jeans – “Baristas with Talent” TVC to tie in with the launch of Australia’s Got Talent

Purina TVC