Promos directed for the Seven Network – 2014

A couple of the new projects I’ve been fortunate enough to direct for Channel 7. The footy launch had more CG work in it, but I’ve only included the directing sections I was involved in. My house rules was a lot of fun. And the launch for A place to call home turned out stunningly. Great Promo from Anita. It seemlessly blends our shots with those of the show.

Promos directed for the Seven Network – 2013

A montage of some of the directing work I have been doing this year. Intimate lines to camera, sfx shots, stunts and full on crowd scenes. Shows include X Factor 2013 launch, House Rules 2013 launch, The Mole 2013 Launch, Dancing with the Stars 2013 launch and My Kitchen Rules 2014 launch. DOP – Borche, Production Managers – Irene Georgas and Sam Dunn.

“The Great Mint Swindle” Telemovie Promo

This is another spot that I put together for NINE, that they liked the feel of so I got to edit the actual tv spots as well.  The cool thing about this telemovie is that I know one of the writers.  I discovered that when I was working on the tv promotions.  To give it a real aussie feel we used an iconic aussie band.   We didn’t end up using this music on the tvc, but we found something similar.

“Alcatraz” Pilot Trailer

This was a promotion for the new US drama series Alcatraz that I cut for NINE.  I used the voiceover at the beginning of the show to promote the show.  Thanks Sam Neill, it worked a treat.

“Beaconsfield” Telemovie Promo

This was a sales reel cut for the upcoming NINE telemovie Beaconsfield.  The team liked the spot so much, it was cut down to go to air as the actual promotion for the telemovie.

One Station Ident – “One Year On”

A promo to position One HD “One Year On” from its launch.

Directing Reel – 2008

A collection of my work in Promotions. You’ll recognise a lot of faces in here.

Australian Idol Promo – “Idol Is Changing”

The idea was (as always) to introduce a feeling of anticipation for the upcoming season of Australian Idol.

It is all shot down at Fox Studios back lot. The extras came from a wonderful dance school apart from the waitress who worked at ten. The bathroom and bedroom were created in the same office space. DOP was Simon Higgins and Collin Budd on second camera.

I directed the action and Ryan produced and edited it.

Big Brother Promo

Funny story about this one. I was never meant to shoot it.  I got a call the night of the shoot to say that the director hadn’t turned up. I rang the producer who didn’t want to direct it either, so I got on my bike in the teaming rain and went over to direct it.

This is the first time I really directed voice, so it was a bit nerve wracking. Gretel looks fantastic, she had a habit of lifting her chin, and I convinced her that she looked fantastic with her head down. Our props guy played the part of big brother. The DOP was Simon Higgins. Maria Michael production manager. Claudio Amati wrote and produced it.

Australian Idol Promo – “Idols New Judges”

This campaign was fun. Lots of fun. We shot three scenarios with Kyle – lovely to work with by the way. This one depicts what everyone was saying about Marcia being the fence sitter. Shot against chroma screen with props in front. It works a treat.

DOP simon Higgins. Production manager Maria Michael. Compositor Chris H.