Promos directed for the Seven Network – 2013

A montage of some of the directing work I have been doing this year. Intimate lines to camera, sfx shots, stunts and full on crowd scenes. Shows include X Factor 2013 launch, House Rules 2013 launch, The Mole 2013 Launch, Dancing with the Stars 2013 launch and My Kitchen Rules 2014 launch. DOP – Borche, Production Managers – Irene Georgas and Sam Dunn.

One Station Ident – “One Year On”

A promo to position One HD “One Year On” from its launch.

Ten HD – Education Spot

This was an after thought to the main ID.  It was decided that we needed to educate our audience about what HD was. Unlike Foxtel’s approach, I decided to make ours feel low tech and therefore easy to access. There was some controversy over using an American to front the promo. He was a lovely actor.  When it came to shooting, Marcus’ lab coat hadn’t shown up – we’d had to get one specially altered to fit his long arms.  So if you notice in some shots he’s got his sleeves rolled up and others, he doesn’t. Also, you may notice the workers are playing a particularly vicious game of snap in the back room in the opening shot.

I can’t take the credit for this – it’s all motion foundry. I just had to say yes or no. It really was a wonderfully integrated package.

Ten HD – Branding Ident

The first job I landed after I resigned as Creative Director of TEN was to create the branding and ids for the first HD channel – TEN HD.  It was a lot of fun. Made even more so by the boys at Motion Foundry who handled al the post.

Green Dragon did a superb job on the music track. And it was mixed at McCrocodile.

The execution is simple, the effect is stunning. The HD ids, branding and education spot are all award winning.

“I Believe” Ident – Network Ten

This ID is one of my personal favourites along with superstars of summer. I was inspired by Maya Angelou who was a keynote speaker at promax in 2006. During Maya’s talk she used repetition of the same idea, it was so beautiful it moved the audience to tears. We got the news that we were going overseas on Melbourne cup day. I took a small crack guerrilla team to New York, Vancouver and L.A.  One cameraman – martin spratt, One soundie/ production manager – maria Michael and Myself. We shot 9 shows, and headed over to LA to shoot another 4 shows at the end of January.

Movie Opener – Network Ten

This idea came from a Kahlua ad at the time. We shot this after a news shoot in Technology Park warehouse. I called in my sister to choreograph the routine. We wet down the floor which looked amazing, but made it very slippery.

I Want To Be – What I Like About You (2006)

Originally, this campaign was supposed to be linked to artwork of TEN as a giant house where every room held a clue to the TV show it represented. We found a very funky location called “incubator” to shoot in. Every show has its own eccentricities.

“Beautiful World” – Network Ten Ident

We decided to switch from a live shoot to an animation style – incorporating real people with animation that suited their character and style of show. It was a look that was completely different to anything else on air. It was a great excuse to try so many different styles of animation.

“Magic Carpet Ride” – Network Ten Ident

I think that this was one of the most beautiful ID’s that I have shot. It was filmed in the middle of one of the hottest summer’s that I can remember. It got up to 40˚C in the studio and it was so hot that whilst we were shooting the cast of White Collar blue the space lights caught on fire.  Made for a beautiful shot of Freya – that I used to finish the spot.

Christine Anu Ident – Network Ten

I loved Christine’s song and thought it would work well for our summer id. After we shot it, unfortunately Christine took a job at 7 and we had to shelve this version for another by the very new idol winner Guy Sebastian.